Moving Homes Is Tough On Houseplants: 7 Pro Tips That'll Keep Them Safe

As your plant collection grows and the plants settle into the spaces they are currently in, it becomes increasingly difficult to figure out what you would do if you ever had to move house.

That’s currently a concern of mine, given I have an upcoming move and will have to pack up 200-plus plants. One of those plants being my good friend Frank, my 14-foot (4.25-meter) fiddle-leaf fig tree that I’ve had since 2014.

When I got Frank, I was living in New Orleans. There I moved him from one apartment to another, and then, in the spring of 2015, we packed up and moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where I live today. I had become a dedicated plant parent only a year before this, so I wasn’t well-versed in how to properly prepare myself for this move. Not only was I leaving with Frank, but with 60 or so other plants as well. This was pretty much trial by fire, but every plant made it safely to the new home.

During this move, I took note of how I could have better prepared myself so that when I made another move, there would be less stress and more efficiency. Here are my tips on how to prepare your plants for a move.

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